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April 28, 2008

Vol.198 / No.14
The Word
Daniel J. HarringtonApril 28, 2008

In our eucharistic liturgies we regularly say or sing ldquo Glory to God in the highest rdquo and ldquo to God hellip be all glory rdquo The motto of the Society of Jesus is Ad majorem Dei gloriam ldquo For the greater glory of God rdquo and the Latin phrase soli Deo gloria ldquo to God

David PinaultApril 28, 2008

Sewing up the torn paw of a Javanese leaf-monkey, with the help of an Indonesian vet, might seem an untried and unexpected form of interfaith dialogue, but it proved very productive for me. This particular encounter took place in a wildlife rescue center, ProFauna Indonesia, in the hill country of E

Kelly CherryApril 28, 2008

By all accounts the poet Robert Frost 1874-1963 was a difficult man moody contrary competitive exacting Not one would have thought a sympathetic subject for a novel It is all the more miraculous then that Brian Hall rsquo s biographical novel mdash historical novel really mdash weaves

Terry GolwayApril 28, 2008

Is the religious right a spent force in American politics? There seems to be a growing consensus that it is, based in part on John McCain’s rather easy dispatch of Mike Huckabee in the Republican primaries. Huckabee, a preacher and unabashed advocate for the evangelical movement, certainly tou

Maurice Timothy ReidyApril 28, 2008

View a slideshow of images of Pope Benedict XVIs first visit to the U.S. as pontiff. This feature will be updated daily over the course of his visit.

John C. HawleyApril 28, 2008

If Robert Satloff rsquo s recent book Among the Righteous Lost Stories From the Holocaust rsquo s Long Reach Into Arab Lands 2006 offers a freshly conceived if ultimately stark investigation into the archive of small kindnesses shown the occasional Jew during the Second World War Mimi Schwar


U.S. Urged to Share Iraqi Refugee Burden The ambassadors of Syria and Jordan called on the United States to share the burden of the unprecedented Iraqi refugee crisis. “The situation is terrible, and the burden on Syria’s resources and population is horrendous,” said Imad Moustaph