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April 21, 2008

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Benedict in America

Zimbabwe's Anguish

The outcome of Zimbabwe’s presidential election on March 29 has remained uncertain for two weeks, amid signs of manipulation by President Robert Mugabe’s ruling ZANU-PF party.


A Life in Theology
Avery Dulles

39th McGinley Lecture

Becoming Kosovo
Matthew J. Gaudet

The economic struggles of an emerging nation

Healing Torture's Wounds
George M. Anderson

One doctor's fight for the survivors

Books and Culture

God in the Public Square
William A. Galston

Writing in The Washington Post 15 years ago, the reporter Michael Weiskopf famously characterized evangelical Christians as “poor, uneduc

In Pursuit of Participation
William Droel

“There is,” writes Robert McClory, “a democratic dynamic in the church’s self-awareness.” No, dogma is not subject to a vote.

Reason, Not Revealed Truths
Michael P. Orsi

Columns and Departments

The Word
Love and the Holy Spirit

Daniel J. Harrington

Faith in Focus
A Prisoners Story

Jens Soering

Sorry Business

Margaret Silf

Of Many Things
Of Many Things

Karen Sue Smith


Web Only

  America's Century
Drew Christiansen
With its April 14, 2008 issue, America began its 100th year of publication. Throughout our centennial year, we have been featuring articles and online features highlighting the magazines’ past, while also looking to the future. We invite you to browse through our selection of centennial features below, and visit us again as we continue to celebrate this important birthday. Watch a brief history of America’s 100 years below: View a slideshow of artwork and photographs tracing America’s 100 year history.  Editor-in-chief Robert Hartnett, S.J., waged a long-running battles against Senator Joe McCarthy in the pages of America. Read "Cold Warrior." John LaFarge, S.J., played a key role in the early days of the civil rights movement while he was an editor at America. Read "The Manner is Extraordinary." James T. Keane talks about America’s colorful history on our October 27 podcast. Listen to this episode. From Our Pages: Legendary Washington Post columnist Mary McGrory got her start at America, covering John F. Kennedy’s presidential campaign. Read "Washington Front." Richard H. Tierney substantially changed America from a pacific and low-profile magazine into a controversial journal of opinion on the international political scene. Read "A Bold New Direction."  From Our Pages: "Why Some Look Up to Planets and Heroes," a poem by Thomas Merton from 1963. From Our Pages: "The Diabolic Plot," by Dorothy Day, from 1933. Read about the idosyncratic editor who was instrumental in the founding of America: "A Certain Independence of Character."
  Benedict in America
Maurice Timothy Reidy
A slideshow of images from the pope's visit to the United States