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April 14, 2008

Vol.198 / No.12

Undocumented immigrants victimized by human traffickers are among the most vulnerable of the people affected by U.S. immigration policy. Many of them embark on their journey as hopeful migrants but run up against limits on legal migration and jobs. For the promise of honest work and earnings to shar

Robert P. Imbelli April 14, 2008

It is a great privilege to be here with you this evening to be with the many friends and admirers of Cardinal Dulles and to offer these words in deep appreciation and gratitude for all that he has been for us, all that he has shared with us as priest, as theologian and as friend. It would be neglige

Clayton Sinyai April 14, 2008

The former White House speechwriter Michael Gerson widely credited with authorship of such George W Bush catchphrases as ldquo axis of evil rdquo and ldquo the soft bigotry of low expectations rdquo is no stranger to big ideas And here he has assumed no small task In Heroic Conservatism Ge

Faith in Focus
Sheryl Frances Chen April 14, 2008

Its the water. The large windows that flank our sanctuary at Tautra Mariakloster in Norway look directly out on the Trondheim Fjord. Each of the seven of us Cistercian nuns here has felt our primordial connection with the water all around us. Being in our church is like being in a womb, with the wat

Current Comment
The Editors April 14, 2008

The R Word Regulation. The word you thought would never cross Republican lips has been uttered by a cabinet-level official. Treasury Secretary Henry M. Paulson Jr. announced March 26 that it is time for “us all to think more broadly about the regulatory and supervisory framework” for fin


Vatican Comments on Muslim Convert When Pope Benedict XVI welcomed into the Catholic Church a Muslim-born journalist who has often been critical of Islam, it was not a sign that the pope accepts everything the journalist believes, said the Vatican spokesman. The Italian journalist, Magdi Allam,

Donald W. Trautman April 14, 2008

A history of liturgical renewal at Vatican II, reviewed