The National Catholic Review

March 17, 2008

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Lost Sheep
A religious seeker who found her home in the Catholic Church, Flannery OConnor once noted that stories are considered not quite as satisfying as statements, and statements not quite as satisfying as s
Current Comment
Pictures at a Revolution

One pauses before assigning too much significance to the voting patterns of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.


Shadows in Prayer
James Martin, SJ
The seven D's of the spiritual life
Lessons From an Extraordinary Era
Roger Haight

Catholics should be amazed by how theology has developed over the past 40 years.

Books and Culture

In Dublins Fair City
Tom Deignan
'The Deportees,' reviewed
The God Who Can Save Us
William J. Collinge
Ghislain Lafont is a Benedictine monk of la Pierre-qui-Vire in France and formerly professor of theology at the Ateneo Sant’ Anselmo in Rome
From Good to Great
Patrick J. Brennan
Thomas P. Sweetser, S.J., has written a readable, helpful follow-up to his The Parish as Covenant.

Columns and Departments

The Word
The Women at the Tomb
Daniel J. Harrington
Faith in Focus
Gods Awesome Silence
Rabbi Daniel F. Polish
Understanding the psalmist's anguish
The Road to Emmaus
Margaret Silf
'God's wisdom comes quietly alongside us, where we least expect it.'
Of Many Things
Of Many Things
Joseph A. OHare
Lignum Vitae
Bernard Fyles