The National Catholic Review

December 3, 2007

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The Politics of Fear
In an ideal world, a presidential election campaign would be a time to consider competing visions of the most important challenges that now confront the United States.
Current Comment
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When Pope Benedict allowed wider use of the Latin Mass last July, he explained that he did not expect as a result any extensive return to the Tridentine rite.


What Divides Orthodox and Catholics?
Maximos Davies
When protesters in Belgrade converged on the patriarchal headquarters of the Serbian Orthodox Church last April, they were angry about proposed liturgical reforms.
Diagnosing U.S. Health Care
Mary Jane England

Michael Moore’s film “Sicko” uses social commentary to hold health care in the United States up to shame.

Books and Culture

Wanted: Eye-of-Needle Enlarger
Peter Heinegg
Ignore the Robin-Leach-like subtitle: this is not an ogling survey of mega-moneyed celebrities.
Forming Bonds
Patrick J. Ryan
Professor Akbar Ahmed, a genial Pakistani scholar trained in Britain and now established at Washingtons American University as holder of the
The Ongoing American Experiment
Bill Williams
In his provocative new book, The Stillborn God, the historian Mark Lilla tackles the centuries-old debate about the nexus between pol

Columns and Departments

The Word
Promise and Fulfillment
Daniel J. Harrington
Faith in Focus
An Experience of Light
James Massa
Major families of European Christians meet.
Faith in Focus
Mexicos Drug Violence
George M. Anderson
Shared border, shared responsibility
Faith in Focus
Editor, Mentor, Friend
Leo J. ODonovan
A tribute to Frank Oveis
Faith in Focus
Liturgy and the Political Isaiah
Drew Christiansen
The second in a series for Advent and Christmas
Faith in Focus
My Second First Mass
Michael Kerper
On presiding at a Latin liturgy
Coal to Diamond, Frog to Prince
Margaret Silf
'God's dream takes time to emerge.'
Of Many Things
Of Many Things
Jim McDermott
Little Secrets
Leonard J. Cirino