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November 26, 2007

Vol.197 / No.17
Angela ODonnellNovember 26, 2007

For the reader whose misfortune it is not to have yet discovered Kelly Cherry 8217 s poems this is your lucky day Cherry 8217 s new book Hazard and Prospect New and Selected Poems offers a generous sampling of the poet 8217 s work culled from six previous volumes and features a dozen previ

Richard A. BlakeNovember 26, 2007

George Clooney as Thomas More? A review of 'Michael Clayton'

Jonathan WrightNovember 26, 2007

A review of Raymond A. Schroth's "The American Jesuits"


Bishops issue forceful statement on Iraq; Mary Ann Glendon to the Vatican

The EditorsNovember 26, 2007

The sad decline of the Dream Act

November 26, 2007

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John A. ColemanNovember 26, 2007

Recently economists pointed to a small drop in the number of absolutely poor in 2006 census data Many dispute the finding 8217 s significance The U S government 8217 s calculation of poverty 20 000 or under a year for a family of four is considered by many policy analysts as a grossly inade