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September 24, 2007

Vol.197 / No.8
David Garrison September 24, 2007

Though we seldom speak of Charles Wright as a religious poet at least not as we might discuss George Herbert or Gerard Manley Hopkins he is nevertheless among the most spiritual of American poets of the last 50 years His poetry is relentlessly attendant to the numinous 8220 I am 8221 he wri

Donald Kerwin September 24, 2007

Not since the “Americanization” movement of the first quarter of the 20th century has the United States given the integration of its immigrants the kind of sustained policy attention it deserves. At its best, that movement sought to promote citizenship, to assure that government agencies

Of Many Things
James T. Keane September 24, 2007

"I'm religious, not spiritual."

Faith in Focus
Rabbi Daniel F. Polish September 24, 2007

The Days of Awe, from Rosh Hashanah to Yom Kippur (Sept. 13-22), afford Jews an opportunity to reflect on what the enterprise of Jewish life is all about. As with all religious traditions, it must be about more than the symbols or institutions of our respective communities of faith. For Christians,


Pope Discusses Exodus of Christians From Iraq Pope Benedict XVI met with Syria’s vice president to discuss the exodus of Christian and other refugees from Iraq, many of whom have fled to Syria. Syria is now home to an estimated 1.5 million Iraqi refugees, and Syrian officials have said the in

Dr. Daniel P. Sulmasy September 24, 2007

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Dear Kristi,

Im afraid I dont know any more than you do about Sandels personal beliefs. At least I can say that if he professes any religious faith, or worships

Robert P. Imbelli September 24, 2007

Sidney Callahan's latest book, reviewed