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August 27, 2007

Vol.197 / No.5
Current Comment
The Editors August 27, 2007

The Limits of Color-Coding During the last two U.S. presidential elections, the media devised a catchy system for depicting the partisan divide among the 50 states. Where a majority of the votes cast were Republican, the state was called red; where Democrat, blue. Maps of the nation required just a

Francis Chamberlain August 27, 2007

Author’s note: The following reflections were written in June, a few weeks after the Fifth General Conference of the Episcopate of Latin America and the Caribbean was held (May 13-31) in Aparecida, Brazil. The conference focused on what it means to be disciples and missionaries of Christ tod

R. Scott Appleby August 27, 2007

A review of Paul Lakeland's latest book

Godfried Danneels August 27, 2007

The aim of the liturgical movement was to close the gap between the liturgy of the priest and that of the people.

Godfried Danneels August 27, 2007

It must be difficult to imagine, for those who have not experienced it for themselves, just how much liturgical praxis has changed in less than half a century. The evolution which has taken place in the last thirty years is barely perceptible nowadays since the new liturgical model is considered evi

The Word
Daniel J. Harrington August 27, 2007

In the late 1930s Dietrich Bonhoeffer then the most promising Protestant theologian in Germany wrote a book entitled in English The Cost of Discipleship Several years afterward he was arrested and executed for resisting Hitler and the Nazis For Bonhoeffer discipleship mdash fidelity to the Gosp


Baltimore Basilica Marks 100,000 Visitors As Rosalie Dohm of Woodbridge, Va., climbed the stairs to the nations first Catholic cathedral Aug. 2, she thought it was unusual that Cardinal William H. Keeler was personally greeting each of the visitors from her parish tour group. The 66-year-old parishi