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July 30, 2007

Vol.197 / No.3
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The EditorsJuly 30, 2007

Stiff Upper LipThe British are famous for their steadiness in the midst of crisis. Londoners had their finest hour as they endured the blitz in 1940 with the proverbial stiff upper lip. Over the past three decades they endured numerous terrorist bombings by the I.R.A. and the assassination of Lord L

William J. OMalleyJuly 30, 2007

Jesus loves imperfect people. On that score, all of us qualify.

James L. FredericksJuly 30, 2007

In the Los Angeles area a community of observant Jews wants to bring picnic baskets to the beach on Saturdays Surprisingly this has put them at odds with both the Sierra Club and the staff of the California Coastal Commission According to Talmud a Jew may not schlep anything outside his home on

Bonnie ThurstonJuly 30, 2007

You live in unremitting darkness,

The Word

ldquo Faith is the realization of what is hoped for rdquo Heb 11 1 Faith and hope are two of the theological virtues They are called theological because they have their origin and goal in God While theologians make precise distinctions between them in the Bible they tend to blend together be


China Reserves Right to Elect, Ordain Bishops A Catholic lay leader from Beijing said China will continue to self-elect and self-ordain bishops. We ordain bishops only for the sake of evangelization in the mainland. Nobody can stop us, said Anthony Liu Bainian, vice chairman of the Chinese Catholic

Vincent GragnaniJuly 30, 2007

For many Catholics, the word missionary brings to mind a centuries-old image of a priest planting a cross in a foreign land and teaching, baptizing and celebrating Mass for its people. Or it may conjure up the slightly more modern image of women religious running a school in Africa or Latin America.