The National Catholic Review

May 21, 2007

Vol. 196 No. 18Whole No. 4775


Current Comment
Atheism and the TheologiansWhen Michael Buckley, S.J., presented a copy of his book At the Origins of Modern Atheism to the late Pope John Paul II, the pontiff asked, And who was at the origins of modern atheism? Without hesitation, Father Buckley volunteered, the theologians.
Beyond the Blame Game
After President George W. Bush vetoed a spending bill for the Iraq war that included a timetable for withdrawal, he and the Democratic leaders in Congress declared a desire to find common ground to support U.S. forces in Iraq. Such common ground will include recognition of serious mistakes in the postwar strategy.


A Time to Lament
John F. Kavanaugh
Bless Me, Father
James Martin, SJ
How (Not) to Preach
James J. DiGiacomo
What Would Jesus Listen to?
David E. Nantais

Books and Culture

Transformed in Gods Embrace
Daniel J. Harrington

The Bible presents many “explanations” for suffering: punishment for sin, part of the human condition, a test of character, a discipline

The Depths of Connection
Peter Fink

A book review is meant to give a rough outline of the structure and content of a work, some assessment of its merits and a recommendation

DefendingArtistic Freedom
Robert F. Walch

Do not be misled by this book’s title.

To Change the World
Michael V. Tueth

One hopes that we Americans continue to cherish the stories and heritage of the great abolitionist heroes of our history.

Columns and Departments

The Word
A Gift to Be Shared

Daniel J. Harrington

Faith in Focus
Musings of an Old-Time Confessor

George B. Wilson

Faith in Focus
Face to Face

Michael O. Garvey

Of Many Things
Of Many Things

John W. Donohue