The National Catholic Review

May 14, 2007

Vol. 196 No. 17Whole No. 4774


The World Is Watching

The massacre at Virginia Tech drew shocked comment not only in the United States, but from the media in other countries as well.

Current Comment
Adult Believers

Over the years “not confusing the faithful” has become an all-purpose bromide for checking theological speculation and reducing the role of theology in the church to elementary catechesis.


Prenatal Testing
Eunice Kennedy Shriver
The Pope in Brazil
Ricardo Ramirez
Bentham's Mummy and Stem Cells
John D. Hagen, Jr.

Books and Culture

The Tears in Things
Peter Heinegg

Holocaust literature, that grimmest of subgenres, may be said to have begun with Primo Levi’s devastating and indispensable (though wretched

Onslaught of the Intolerant'
Mark E. Rondeau

The first impulse of many, particularly on the right, will be to dismiss this book immediately upon reading its title.Indeed, by mentioni

Wondrous Stillness
Richard A. Blake

French theorists used to employ the term “pure cinema” to describe film as an entirely new art form of moving images.

Columns and Departments

The Word
Unity and Witness

Daniel J. Harrington

Broken Promises

Maryann Cusimano Love

Of Many Things
Of Many Things

Drew Christiansen

Conversation Postscript

Mary Catherine Vukimanic