The National Catholic Review

April 9, 2007

Vol. 196 No. 13Whole No. 4770


Current Comment
A Star PhilosopherWith the announcement that the Canadian philosopher Charles Taylor will be soon be honored for his investigations in human spirituality, another star has been added to the firmament
Loyalty or Accountability?
The reaction of Robert Gates, the new secretary of defense, to the failure to provide appropriate medical care to wounded veterans offers a striking contrast to the reaction of Attorney General Albert


Tarnished Good Guys
Jane Leftwich Curry

"What kind of judgment is one based on scraps of paper copied three times?

The Law and Chastity
Robert E. Rodes, Jr.
Not so long ago, chastity, the virtue that single people practice by abstaining from sex and married people by being faithful to their spouses, was regarded as a mainstream value. Even people who failed to live up to it generally recognized it as normal and normative. Today, however, the mainstream status of chastity is attenuated, to say the least. This attenuation has been both reflected in the law and promoted by it.
A Quiet Change of Course
Jim McDermott

Look into any book about the history of racial integration in the United States, and you will almost certainly find dramatic stories about bus boycotts and Rosa Parks; Freedom Riders, voter registr

Books and Culture

Attuned to Gods Silence
James S. Torrens
The contemporary poet Franz Wright expresses a sense of human life as a brief hiatus between an immense before and after.
Prophetic Messages
Richard J. Hauser
For years I have stared at the five published volumes (over 2,100 pages) of Thomas Merton’s letters arranged neatly on a shelf in my Mert
Together at Last?
Joseph A. Fitzmyer
This book is the companion to the Discovery Channel’s program “The Lost Tomb of Jesus.” A well-written, interesting, often titillating ac
A Complicated Truth
Richard A. Blake
One need not be one of those bloated bloviators of talk radio to rush to the judgment that political correctness and ethnic sensitivity c

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The Word
Why Christianity Succeeded
Daniel J. Harrington
After Life
John F. Kavanaugh
Of Many Things
Of Many Things