The National Catholic Review

April 2, 2007

Vol. 196 No. 12Whole No. 4769


Current Comment
Double StandardsZimbabwe is a failed state.
Washington and Schools
As presidents, neither George Washington nor Abraham Lincoln spent time worrying about schools.


Crown of the Year
Don Saliers

Resurrection seems an unlikely notion for contemporary minds.

The Most Infallible Sign
James Martin, SJ
Joy has a distinguished heritage in the Christian spiritual tradition. It is easy for most Christians to imagine someone like St. Francis of Assisi smiling.
Seeing, Tasting, Telling
Michael A. Signer
As the gray days of winter move toward spring, Jews and Christians begin to prepare for their festivals of rebirth and freedom: Passover and Easter.
A Perfect End
Robert A. Krieg
Catherine Mowry LaCugna chose to teach her theology courses for the spring semester of 1997 knowing that she might die within the year.
In a Single Bed
Joan Sauro

All of them were small and narrow, Emily Dickinson beds situated in modest rooms. Once I journeyed to Amherst, Mass., solely to see Emily Dickinson’s bedroom, to breathe the sacred air. As luck would have it, I had come the wrong day for tours and was left on the stoop of the Homestead, breathing the spring air. There I pondered the 300 feet to the Evergreens next door and the well-worn path taken by Emily and her best friend, her sister-in-law, Sue.


The next afternoon Emily’s door was opened and I joined a group in a downstairs parlor where we endured a half-hour talk devoid of poetry. Finally, we were led up the stairs to the landing where Emily had stood, out of sight, above the chatter of company down in the parlor we had just left. She had little use for chatter, preferring to send a short poem, perhaps a few flowers down to the company. Lagging behind the group, I ran my hand along the banister and listened to Emily’s voice.


Had I not seen the Sun

Books and Culture

Holy,' Indeed
Gary A. Anderson
Christian tradition has not been kind to the Jewish claim to the land of Israel.
Fragile Overtures
Peter Heinegg
Back in 1978, on the way to his bar mitzvah, a funny thing happened to Jeffrey Goldberg, now Washington correspondent for The New Yorker: he
Journey Toward Peace
Claire Schaeffer-Duffy
A gem among the sayings of the desert fathers has Abba Lot coming to Abba Joseph and saying: As much as I am able, I keep my little rule and

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The Word
The Pivotal Day
Daniel J. Harrington
Faith in Focus
The Resurrection of the Body
Laura Sheahen
Cleansing the Soul
Terry Golway
Of Many Things
Of Many Things
Karen Sue Smith