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December 11, 2006

Vol.195 / No.19
Terry GolwayDecember 11, 2006

Before he took off for a tour of Asia in mid-November, President Bush played host to the leaders of the Big 2.5 American automakersGeneral Motors, Ford and the U.S. half of the multinational conglomerate known as DaimlerChrysler. The automakers had been hoping for an S.U.V.-sized summit conference o

Our readersDecember 11, 2006

Avoid Racism

Thanks to George M. Anderson, S.J., for the interview with James Cone, Theologians and White Supremacy (11/20).

I am a member of a Dismantling Racism team in the greater Philadelphia area, and one of the few Catholic members. Our focus is primarily on racism as

The Word
Daniel J. HarringtonDecember 11, 2006

What makes you happy Where do you find your joy In what do you rejoice These are serious questions and for many people today they are not easy to answer Much in our culture promises joy but fails to deliver According to the Bible the origin and object of true joy is God The Third Sunday of Ad

David CortrightDecember 11, 2006

North Korea’s Recent nuclear test delivered a stark wake-up call. The bomb is back, and nuclear dangers are on the rise again, not only in North Korea but around the world. Iran is steadily building its nuclear capabilities and has refused to yield to international pressure over its uranium en

Current Comment
The EditorsDecember 11, 2006

Intolerant SecularismThe Independent Catholic News in Great Britain reported that on Nov. 20 Nadia Eweida lost an appeal to her employers, British Airways. Ms. Eweida had petitioned to be allowed to wear a cross over the uniform she wore as a check-in attendant at London’s Heathrow airport.The

Faith in Focus
John R. DonahueDecember 11, 2006

"Arrive,” “draw near,” or “come to”—that’s how “advent” enters English via the Latin advenire. Its usage is wide-ranging. The Vulgate translates the Greek parousia as adventus, “arrival” or “presence,” associated most

John F. HaughtDecember 11, 2006

The cosmos of natural science today moves on a scale unimaginable to ancient prophets evangelists and makers of creeds Many thoughtful people have now concluded that the universe has outgrown the biblical God who is said to be its creator To them the content of Christian faith seems hopelessly in