The National Catholic Review

November 6, 2006

Vol. 195 No. 14Whole No. 4751


Eight Americas
Since Americans pay more for health insurance and health care than do people in most other highly developed countries, it is reasonable to ask: Are we getting our money’s worth, if value is measured b
Current Comment
Checks and BalancesTypically, Americans think of governmental checks and balances as the interplay among the executive, legislative and judicial branches.


Sitting in the Dark
Karen Sue Smith
The 1973 oil embargo affected not just the United States but other oil-dependent nations.
Another Man From Galilee
Olga Bonfiglio
He neither asks for money nor passes out donation envelopes after his speeches. He neither wants pity for his situation nor accolades for his work.
Energy Ethics
William H. Rauckhorst

The Arab oil embargo of 1973, initiated to protest U.S. support of Israel in the Yom Kippur War, was a watershed event in U.S. energy history.

Books and Culture

Immersed in Leisure
Sally Cunneen
This memoir begins with Patricia Hampl’s accidental viewing of the Matisse painting Woman Before an Aquarium, which waylaid her on her way t
Do the Right Thing,' He Says
Michael J. Kerlin
These days, as I, a citizen by right of birth of the United States and Ireland, wheel my grandson, Navid, a citizen by right of birth of the
Faith-ful Health Care
Julie Trocchio
To read A Balm for Gilead is to want author/friar/physician Daniel Sulmasy and his disciples to be your doctor, nurse or therapist. A practitioner with a deep sense of spirituality who considers healing an encounter with the divine will not blame us for our bad habits, will not be repulsed by what illness does to our bodies, will not give up on us when treatments do not work and will see in us the opportunity to serve God. Sulmasy takes his title from the spiritual sung in his Harlem parish:There is a balm in Gilead
Michael A. Galston
The Conservative Soul is a dense, passionate argument for a simple thesis: In the United States, true conservatism has been hijacked
Mother Country
Tom Deignan
Given the literary scandal that more or less led Edna O’Brien to flee Ireland following the publication of her Country Girls trilogy in the
We DeserveBetter
Dorothy M. Brown
In Running Alone, the distinguished Pulitzer Prize-winning historian James McGregor Burns tracks almost a half-century of what he con

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The Word
Who Is Holy?
Daniel J. Harrington
Kindling the Light
Margaret Silf
Of Many Things
Of Many Things
James Martin, SJ