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August 28, 2006

Vol.195 / No.5
Of Many Things
George M. AndersonAugust 28, 2006

Inspirational stories are not what you would expect to find in the Money and Business section of the Sunday New York Times. Its articles are generally of the dollars and cents kind. But a few years ago, paging quickly through that Sunday’s business section, I began to notice a regular column c

Jim McDermottAugust 28, 2006

March of the Penguins quietly took mainstream America by storm last year with its surprisingly dramatic story of emperor penguins in Antarctica. The documentary film was both a critical and a box-office success, winning an Academy Award and grossing $122.6 million worldwide. Several other documentar

J. Bryan HehirAugust 28, 2006

This volume exquisitely edited by Kenneth Himes O F M is a superb contribution to Catholic social ethics and will undoubtedly serve as a basic text providing a synthetic statement of the last century of the Catholic social tradition While its primary audience is the Catholic community it prov


Christians Flee Sectarian Violence in IraqHalf of all Iraqi Christians have fled their country since the U.S.-led invasion in 2003, said the auxiliary bishop of Baghdad. Auxiliary Bishop Andreos Abouna of Baghdad, a Chaldean Catholic, said that before the invasion there were about 1.2 million Christ

The Word
Daniel J. HarringtonAugust 28, 2006

The only formal definition of religion in the Bible appears in today rsquo s reading from James It is not an exhaustive or comprehensive definition But it does provide a starting point for reflecting on what the biblical tradition understands to be true religion The first characteristic of true re

Joseph J. FaheyAugust 28, 2006

The sky over Washington Square hung cloudy and gray, as if it reflected the mood of a group of New York University graduate students gathering there. Although it was graduation day (May 11, 2006), these newly minted Ph.D.’s and continuing graduate students were dispirited because the universit

Current Comment
The EditorsAugust 28, 2006

Prisons in Latin AmericaThe often horrifying conditions in Latin American prisons receive relatively little attention in the United States. A recent study, Evaluation of Prisons in the Organization of American States, however, casts light on some of them. How well or badly a prisoner is treated in t