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June 5, 2006

Vol.194 / No.20
Peter Heinegg June 05, 2006

As an migr e born in Kiev 1903 one of the world epicenters of Jew-hatred Ir ne N mirovsky may have been a fatalist about the rising tide of Nazism in which she drowned A successful novelist in her adopted country and language N mirovsky seems not to have been surprised when the French po


Pope: Peace Entails Religious FreedomPeace and justice in the world require respect for religious freedom, solidarity and policies that look beyond economic gain and show respect for the environment, Pope Benedict XVI told five new ambassadors to the Vatican. Peace is rooted in respect for religious

The Word
Daniel J. Harrington June 05, 2006

According to the Christian doctrine of the Trinity there are three persons in one God Father Son and Holy Spirit The Scriptures are not much interested in the philosophy or metaphysics of God They are mainly concerned with God in relationship with Israel in the Old Testament and with the church

James Martin, SJ June 05, 2006

The real-life group with the biggest complaint about the movie The Da Vinci Code is surely Opus Dei, the Catholic organization founded to promote lay spirituality. One of the film’s main plot devices centers on Silas, the albino Opus Dei monk who moonlights as an assassin. That Opus includes n

Current Comment
The Editors June 05, 2006

The Commencement SeasonIn the final weeks of May, on campuses across the nation, tens of thousands of newly minted graduates gratefully clutched their diplomas and patiently listened to the exhortation of the commencement speaker. In future years, few of the graduates will remember the content of th

John D. Hagen, Jr. June 05, 2006

The Da Vinci Code is a systematic attack on the divinity of Jesus Christ. The book’s author, Dan Brown, pursues his quarry with an obsessiveness that overrides good storytelling technique. And Brown’s characters (supposedly in mortal danger, always just one step ahead of being captured)

Denise Lardner Carmody June 05, 2006

I like this book And this troubles me Being Catholic How We Believe Practice and Think was originally a series of articles that Archbishop Daniel Pilarczyk wrote for the Cincinnati archdiocesan paper The Catholic Telegraph Pilarczyk has revised the articles into a book for a wider market Let m