The National Catholic Review

June 5, 2006

Vol. 194 No. 20Whole No. 4736


Truth From Surprising Places
The recent letter from Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to President George W.
Current Comment
The Commencement SeasonIn the final weeks of May, on campuses across the nation, tens of thousands of newly minted graduates gratefully clutched their diplomas and patiently listened to the exhortatio


Saints or Assassins?
James Martin, SJ
The real-life group with the biggest complaint about the movie The Da Vinci Code is surely Opus Dei, the Catholic organization founded to promote lay spirituality.
The Schwenkfelder Code
Peter C. Erb
The Perkiomen valley, some 40 miles north of Philadelphia, may initially appear to have little to connect it with The Da Vinci Code.
The Real Story of the Council of Nicea
John D. Hagen, Jr.
The Da Vinci Code is a systematic attack on the divinity of Jesus Christ. The book’s author, Dan Brown, pursues his quarry with an obsessiveness that overrides good storytelling technique.
Fiction Trumps Fact
Maurice Timothy Reidy
First a confession: I did not want to write this article. Working as an editor at a Catholic magazine, I have grown tired of reading articles about The Da Vinci Code.

Books and Culture

Pass It On
Denise Lardner Carmody
I like this book. And this troubles me.
He Believes
Franco Mormando
A memoir written by someone not quite a public figure and still a rather young man may not seem compelling to the general population, but Ch
The Shame of France
Peter Heinegg
As an émigrée born in Kiev (1903), one of the world epicenters of Jew-hatred, Irène Némirovsky may have been a fatalist about the rising tid

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Covenant Sacrifice
Daniel J. Harrington
The Word
God With Us and for Us
Daniel J. Harrington
It's Your Funeral
Terry Golway
Of Many Things
Of Many Things
Drew Christiansen
Erin Murphy