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May 29, 2006

Vol.194 / No.19
Robert F. WalchMay 29, 2006

With sensitivity and a strong sense of place first-time novelist Debra Dean vividly recreates one of the overlooked stories of World War II In the fall of 1941 with German troops preparing to invade Leningrad the Hermitage Museum staff frantically packs away over two million priceless items for

"The Kiss of Judas," by Giotto
Faith Features
James Martin, SJMay 29, 2006

Will the Gospel of Judas change Christian understanding of Judas’s role in the passion narratives? Probably not.

Of Many Things
James Martin, SJMay 29, 2006

"Pas de vitesse," said our instructor in Italian-accented French. Then in English, "No rushing." I was one of several men being trained to work as a volunteer in the baths at Lourdes last month, and I was worried. This was my third visit to the French town of Lourdes, where the V

Faith in Focus

Years ago - before I had children - I spent several hours one evening on a friend’s deck in the Adirondacks sitting perfectly still, watching night come. My purpose was to be the one person on earth that day to witness the exact moment when night definitively arrived at one place, when darknes


U.S. Bishops Urge Immigration ReformPresident George W. Bush’s address on May 15 about immigration reform received mixed reviews from advocates for immigrants, who expressed gratitude for his support of legalization for illegal immigrants but had concerns about his plan to deploy National Guar

Our readersMay 29, 2006

Missing Reference

I was astonished on reading your editorial The Worst of All Options (5/8), describing Iran’s nuclear future and American response options, to find not one mention of Israel. Given that nation’s multiplicity of actual and potential roles in this matter, the

T. Patrick HillMay 29, 2006

From the outset of this book Lisa Sowle Cahill professor of theology at Boston College draws a clear distinction between theological and secular bioethics but without ever clearly defining the distinctive nature of theological bioethics Since she has a number of goals for theological bioethics