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May 22, 2006

Vol.194 / No.18

It may well be a curse rather than a blessing to be described as a religious or spiritual poet todaynot simply because in a secular or post-secular age such labels are anathema but because such designations may raise expectations of simple-minded pious jingles that are a far cry from the real thi

Dolores R. LeckeyMay 22, 2006

It does not take parents very long to realize that they teach their children not so much by what they say as by who they are. Their presence, their choices, their lives, their being speak to their children in the deepest way. The same can be said of true educators, whose teaching reaches beyond tech

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The EditorsMay 22, 2006

Prayers for ChinaWhile the situation of the Catholic Church in China has not been normal for many decades, in very recent times it appeared that the lot of Chinese Catholics was improving. It became known that many bishops of the official Chinese Catholic Patriotic Association were, in fact, also in

Robert E. LauderMay 22, 2006

Woody Allen’s latest film, “Match Point,” is probably one of the most explicitly atheistic films in the history of American cinema. It is also a vivid illustration of the nihilistic worldview that Allen has been presenting in most of his films for nearly 40 years. While God is abse

Richard M. GulaMay 22, 2006

What does going to Mass on Sunday have to do with going to work on Monday Or in what ways might the liturgy of the Eucharist spill over into the liturgy of life to influence the sort of people we become the way we see the world and the decisions we make According to Dennis Billy C Ss R and Jam

John F. KavanaughMay 22, 2006

Thirty-eight years after its publication, the encyclical Humanae Vitae is once again causing a stir. The Italian weekly L’Espresso featured in its April 21 issue an extended dialogue between the bioethicist Ignazio Marino and the retired Archbishop of Milan, Cardinal Carlo Martini, S.J. (For t

Our readersMay 22, 2006

Not Too Hysterical

If what the Rev. Michael Kane writes about New Standards for Pastoral Care (4/10) is true, I wonder, as a psychiatrist, why any man would even venture to become a priest. The priestly role is already a lonely one in our day, but according to him things are