The National Catholic Review

April 17, 2006

Vol. 194 No. 14Whole No. 4730


Current Comment
Reality CheckIn recent weeks, plans for school and parish reconfigurations have been disclosed in a number of dioceses.
The Promise of Resurrection
For Christians throughout the world the dawn of Easter morning marks the celebration of the triumph of life over death, as we affirm our faith in the resurrection of Jesus.


Beyond Morality
John F. Kavanaugh
Ethics is about what we do. We form our moral judgments, our consciences; and we act on them or we refuse to. We change ourselves and our little parts of the world by our agency.
From Calvary to Galilee
Roberto S. Goizueta
"Señor, me has mirado a los ojos; sonriendo, has dicho mi nombre.
Dont Try This at Home
Gary M. Bretton-Granatoor

More than 15 years ago I received a telephone call from a young rabbinic colleague who clearly found herself in a situation of great discomfiture.

From Nothing Comes Everything
Robert Alison Foor
Scientists became excited not long ago when new observations suggested that the expansion of the universe is accelerating. It had been thought that expansion should be slowing.

Books and Culture

How to/Not to Novelize Jesus
John B. Breslin
Writing a novel based on the Gospels is a tricky business, not only because the Gospels themselves are such special documents, but becaus
At the Brink of Disaster
Olga Bonfiglio
Some people would characterize the past five years of the Bush administration as inconceivably distasteful and disastrous.

Columns and Departments

Faith in Focus
Emilie Griffin
Of Many Things
Of Many Things
Drew Christiansen
Sister Prudentia's Pilgrimage
Nancy G. Westerfield