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March 27, 2006

Vol.194 / No.11
Dennis HammMarch 27, 2006

Sometimes a pope, a bishop or a national conference of bishops will issue a challenging statement on a matter of public policy. Topics like capital punishment, abortion, economic justice and the pre-emptive use of military force come readily to mind. Those who object to such interventions by religio

The Word
Daniel J. HarringtonMarch 27, 2006

All our eucharistic prayers contain the phrase ldquo the blood of the new and everlasting covenant rdquo as part of the words of consecration As the sacrament of our ongoing relationship with God through Christ the Eucharist stands in the tradition of the meals at which ancient covenants were ra

David DeCosseMarch 27, 2006

The Catholic Church is not, as many old hands in the Vatican are quick to say, a democracy. But that quick judgment may arise in part because those old hands have not sufficiently come to terms with modern democracy itself. The chapter titled Political Community in the Vatican’s recently publi

The EditorsMarch 27, 2006

The publication in 1990 of the apostolic constitution Ex Corde Ecclesiae has been the inspiration for continuing conversation within the Catholic higher education community in the United States. The leadership of the Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities and its member institutions have

Joseph J. FeeneyMarch 27, 2006

Old age should burn and rave at close of day,” screamed Dylan Thomas, but he was only 37. W. B. Yeats’s “Old Pensioner” “spit into the face of Time/ That has transfigured me,” but Yeats was just 27. Shakespeare, dying at 52, knew better: his Lear and Prospero, in

Peter HeineggMarch 27, 2006

Once upon a time all Francophones were taught to write clearly and distinctly la Descartes nowadays it seems they are trying their best to write obscurely la Michel Foucault And Abdellah Hammoudi a Morocco-born Princeton anthropologist with a Ph D from the Sorbonne 1977 succeeds onl

Fred J. NaffzigerMarch 27, 2006

On Dec. 30, 2005, the Archdiocese of Portland, Ore., headed by Archbishop John Vlazny, lost an important preliminary round in its bankruptcy case. The diocese now finds itself facing hard choices, as does Spokane’s Bishop William Skylstad and his diocese, which suffered a major legal defeat in