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September 26, 2005

Vol.193 / No.8
The EditorsSeptember 26, 2005

Our church and society stand in need of renewed and sustained discussion regarding an ethic of life. Serious conversation has largely devolved into sloganeering and sound bites. The prevailing metaphor, culture of life versus culture of death, has galvanized people’s imaginations and inspired

Ron HansenSeptember 26, 2005

September’s end 1877,

Gerald F. KicanasSeptember 26, 2005

A church purified and humbled, yet more resolved to carry on Christ’s work—that is how I would describe the Diocese of Tucson as it emerges from the process of Chapter 11 federal bankruptcy reorganization. The bankruptcy process, ending with a plan of reorganization confirmed by the judg

Jeffrey J. GuhinSeptember 26, 2005

New Orleans was the first city that felt like family to me, and because I had moved so much growing up, family was the only thing I understood as home. A year after I graduated from Loyola University New Orleans, I was in New York City serving a volunteer year and planning to move back as soon as I

The Word
Dianne BergantSeptember 26, 2005

There is something exotic about a vineyard But then I am from the Midwest where the landscape is dotted with dairy farms And I am a city girl who never experienced the rigors or disappointments associated with cultivating a crop I do remember that like many others my grandfather made wine in

Moussa FaddoulSeptember 26, 2005

The cedars of Lebanon have experienced the axes of many civilizations upon their trunks over the centuries. Conquerors have repeatedly invaded the land, reigned over its inhabitants and reaped its fruits. Time and again, however, the Lebanese have managed to be reborn from the ashes. Today they rise


Women Religious Call for Withdrawal From IraqThe Leadership Conference of Women Religious has called on the U.S. government to develop a responsible plan for the withdrawal of troops in Iraq and to redirect needed resources to meet human needs at home and in other parts of the world. In a statement