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September 19, 2005

Vol.193 / No.7
Tom Beaudoin September 19, 2005

A generation ago the rock band The Who venerated and mocked their spiritually restless Baby Boomer peers in their song The Seeker bragging that I rsquo ve got values but I don rsquo t know how or why According to a major new study of teenagers and religion spiritual seekers have all but vanished

Jim McDermott September 19, 2005

The movie fades up to the hushed tones of violins, the camera moving dreamlike through long hallways in an enormous, darkened museum. A guard walks in the distance. We pause; the camera pans left. Before us, next to a sign written in French, is the “Mona Lisa.” She looks down on us with

The Word
Dianne Bergant September 19, 2005

The passage from Philippians that is read today captures the very essence of both the Incarnation and our redemption through Jesus Christ Often referred to as the ldquo Christ Hymn rdquo it includes an exhortation to fashion our own minds and hearts after his example of humble self-sacrifice Pau

Faith in Focus
Patricia Dahl September 19, 2005

After I spent 30 years raising children full time, an unexpected change in our family’s circumstances made it necessary for me to obtain employment so that my family of seven could be provided with health insurance. In spite of my college degree, I quickly learned that I was undesirable for em

The Editors September 19, 2005

As a new academic year begins, generalizations about American Catholic elementary and secondary education are risky, because there are signs both of losses and gains. Losses because with the closing of many financially strapped schools the system is smaller than it once was. Forty years ago, the pop

Edward Collins Vacek September 19, 2005

ldquo But what if Scola becomes pope rdquo Such was my e-mail response to America rsquo s request that I do this book review John Paul II had just died Benedict XVI had yet to be elected And Angelo Cardinal Scola was on the papabile list Needless to say Scola the patriarch of Venice did not

Martin Pable September 19, 2005

In these pages in the spring of 2004, John C. Haughey, S.J., noted that many of his non-Catholic students are not shy about making personal faith statements, both in the classroom and outside. Catholic students, on the other hand, seldom do so (“Church-ianity and Christ-ianty,” 5/24/04).