The National Catholic Review

September 12, 2005

Vol. 193 No. 6Whole No. 4702


Meeting the Millennium Development Goals
When world leaders gathered at the United Nations five years ago to promulgate their Millennium Declaration, they pledged their nations to a global partnership aimed at cutting extreme poverty in half


A Shared Belief

The Islamic Society of North America, the Managing the Atom Project of the Kennedy School of Government of Harvard University, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund and the Churches’ Center for Theolog

Hope and Healing
John W. OMalley

"After viewing a city full of funerals, we return to our homes only to find them empty of our loved ones.” That’s what Petrarch wrote about the Black Death (bubonic plague), which in 1348 devastate

United Nations Reform and Human Rights
Silvano M. Tomasi

The world is busy debating the reform of the United Nations.

Faraway Children Bringing Christ Closer
Lorraine V. Murray
I could barely wait to tear into the fat envelope. As I pulled out the letter, my eyes spotted the photos of two grinning girls with dark eyes. Come and see our children! I called out to my husband.
Holy See Backs Nuclear Disarmament
Robert F. Drinan

In 1970, almost 200 countries signed a document urging nonproliferation of nuclear weapons.

Books and Culture

Politics Over Policy
Carol Nackenoff
With the publication of One Nation, Uninsured, the Florida State University sociologist Jill Quadagno joins an array of scholars who
Deconstructing Reality
Cecilio Morales
Thomas Carlyle might not have called the study of economic matters dismal if, instead of debating the gloomy Thomas Malthus on population gr
Can We Justify God's Ways?
Daniel J. Harrington
In the aftermath of the great tsunami of late December 2004, there emerged a lively public philosophical and theological debate in the po
Fear and Trembling in Oceania
Jim McDermott
A commercial plane traveling from Sydney to Los Angeles has communication problems six hours into the flight.

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The Word
Is Our Generous God Fair?
Dianne Bergant
Of Many Things
Of Many Things
Drew Christiansen
Gillian Devereux