The National Catholic Review

April 4, 2005

Vol. 192 No. 12Whole No. 4687


Genesis and Darwinism
In a message to the Pontifical Academy of Science in October 1996, Pope John Paul II said, New knowledge leads to the recognition of the theory of evolution as more than a hypothesis.


Is God One of Us?
Andrew M. Greeley

Barbara Hall, the creator and executive producer of the CBS television series “Joan of Arcadia,” may have a wider audience than any contemporary American theologian.

Iraq's Urgent Need for A Reconciliation Ethic
Daniel Philpott
Christian ethicists are far more reticent about how the United States should proceed in an Iraq exploding with car bombs than they were about whether to launch the present war in the first place.
The Search for Lebanon
Paul Wachter
Even when the streets of downtown Beirut were the exclusive preserve of those demanding a Syrian withdrawal, I was never optimistic about Lebanon’s so-called Cedar Revolutionbut hopeful, yes.
A Passion for Unity
Peter J. Bernardi

Yves-Marie Congar, O.P., was the 20th century’s leading Catholic ecumenical theologian and one of the most influential contributors to the Second Vatican Council.

Champion of Conscience
James F. Keenan

The death of Josef Fuchs, S.J., on March 9 in Cologne, Germany, marks the end of a period of enormous transition in moral theology. Along with Bernard Häring of the Alfonsianum University (d.

Books and Culture

Willie at War
Andrew M. Greeley
It has been 90 years since the beginning of the Great War in 1914, longer than the time between Fort Sumter and Pearl Harbor.
Thus Always to Tyrants'
Peter Duffy
Sarah Vowell, whose idiosyncratic voice (in both senses) is familiar to listeners of National Public Radio’s This American Life, expended a
Confronting a Culture of Fear
Paul Wachter
In the wake of the tsunami in the Indian Ocean, as the death toll quickly climbed into the tens of thousands, many religious leaders and op-
Blooming Where Planted
Ron Hansen
David Plante was born in Providence, R.I., in 1940, the next to last of the seven sons of Anaclet and Albina Plante, French-Canadians who we
The Conjurer
Constance M. McGovern
The Rough Rider, the Bull Moose, the president who used his office as a bully pulpit, the man who carried the big stick, the asthmatic child

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The Word
Follow the Leader!
Dianne Bergant
The Word
I'll Know It When I See It
Dianne Bergant