The National Catholic Review

March 21, 2005

Vol. 192 No. 10Whole No. 4685


Debt Burdens and Poor Countries
Crippling debt burdens accumulated over the past several decades still weigh heavily on many of the world’s poorest countries.


The Case for Dancing
Valerie Schultz

The angel girls were ready on Easter morning. Their feathered wings were attached, their wreaths securely bobby-pinned to their braided heads, their pastel ribbons around their waists.

The Carrot and the Sticks
Jens Soering
Overseas, the war in Iraq has exposed the limits of American military might at an enormous and still-growing cost to taxpayers.
A Work Desired by God
Victor Edwin

"Yah isayi padiri hai. Isayi padri apni zindagi ko waqf kar dete hain.” (“He is a Catholic priest.

Books and Culture

The Shape of Things to Come
John B. Breslin
It was inevitable: the academy has struck back!
Kentucky Widow Remembers
Gerald T. Cobb
When Wendell Berry came to Seattle to read from his new novel, Hannah Coulter, he was introduced with the words, “For those of y
Attention Must Be Paid
Leo J. ODonovan
There was a time in the American theater when ordinary people could collect quarters in a cup and, after some weeks, buy a ticket for a B

Columns and Departments

The Word
With Eyes of Faith
Dianne Bergant
Patrick's Season
Terry Golway