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February 28, 2005

Vol.192 / No.7

U.S. Theological Society Distressed at Vatican CondemnationThe board of directors of the Catholic Theological Society of America has expressed profound distress at the Vatican action condemning a book by Roger Haight, S.J., an American theologian, and banning him from teaching Catholic theology. Fat

Desmond O'Grady February 28, 2005

You have to warm to a man who spent the night reading The Old Man and the Sea after he received word that he was to be made a bishop The account of the future John Paul II reading Hemingway on a train as he returned after being informed that he was to be made a bishop to a group of young people wi

Robert Hirschfield February 28, 2005

Adam Keller, jailed for refusing to serve in the Israeli Army in Lebanon, has a son, Uri, who was jailed for refusing to serve in the Israeli Army. The senior Keller, a leader of Gush Shalom (Peace Bloc) and a serial-defier of Israeli governments since he was a teenager (he is now 50), works in Tel

The Word
Dianne Bergant February 28, 2005

Key concepts in today rsquo s Gospel reflect how many of us still face difficult issues Like the disciples some of us maintain that misfortune is indeed a punishment for sin Like the man rsquo s parents we too may be loathe to stand in support of another if we fear our own status may be in jeopa

John F. Kavanaugh February 28, 2005

Ash Wednesday is the most countercultural day of the year. Repent! Turn away from sin! Now what could be more un-American than repentance and the admission of sin? Denial of guilt may be a human problem haunting each conscience and every culture, but we seem to have made a science of it. It is suppo

Robert F. Walch February 28, 2005

In the wake of the Industrial Revolution an excess of consumer goods flooded the marketplace As it became clear that there was a surplus of interchangeable suppliers a way was needed to differentiate a given product from its competition Out of necessity branding was created as a way of doing ju

Faith in Focus
February 28, 2005

I had been a widower for almost two years when I met Beth. I had anticipated staying single for the rest of my life. Sharon had been a wonderful wife and mother; when she died of cancer in her early 50’s, I grieved deeply. The Lord, however, blessed me with the opportunity to find a transcende