The National Catholic Review

February 21, 2005

Vol. 192 No. 6Whole No. 4681


Trust Not in Princes
"Put not your trust in princes, the Psalmist advises. Friendly Israeli civil servants have given similar advice to Catholics dealing with today’s Israeli politicians.
The State of Our Union
As expected, President George W. Bush used his State of the Union address to praise the successful election in Iraq and argue for his private investment model of Social Security reform.


Plain Talk About Health Care
Edward M. Welch
As one of the world’s last industrialized nations to be without a national health care system, the United States is beleagured by a host of public health problems and contrasting proposals to solve th
The Plight of Iraqi Christians
Sheila Provencher
Yousif Thomas Mirkis, O.P., is an Iraqi Roman Catholic priest. He recently welcomed me to his community home in Baghdad, the convent of the Dominican friars.
Is Genetic Engineering the Answer to Hunger?
Gerald D. Coleman

Both the developed and developing worlds are facing a critical moral choice in the controversial issue of genetically modified food, also known as genetically modified organisms and genetically en

Books and Culture

Savagery in South Midland
James T. Keane
Upon John Gregory Dunne’s death of a heart attack in December 2003, the many obituaries and eulogies for this famous man of letters stres
One Year, Three Passions
Robert P. Imbelli
One finds in theological circles frequent appeal to the “sacramental imagination” as a distinguishing trait of Catholicism.
A Prince of the Commentariat
Peter Heinegg
The ultra right may have the loudest talking heads these days (Limbaugh, O’Reilly, Hannity, etc.), but the left has cornered the market on s

Columns and Departments

The Word
Are You Thirsty?
Dianne Bergant
Faith in Focus
A Dangerous Common Enemy
Emil A. Wcela
Faith in Focus
Looking Into the Heart
Peter A. Clark
The End of a Miracle
Terry Golway
The Swordsmen
Joel Brouwer