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November 15, 2004

Vol.191 / No.15
The Word
Dianne BergantNovember 15, 2004

Probably the best known royal leader in the world today is Queen Elizabeth of England Although her leadership role is in many ways more ceremonial than administrative her official title is still quite impressive She is Queen Elizabeth II by the Grace of God Queen of this Realm and of Her Other R

Faith in Focus
Robin StrattonNovember 15, 2004

My cousin telephoned to say Aunt Bib is dead. The funeral is two days hence. No need to wait; at 94 she has outlived all her peers. The pastor will officiate. Of course, I reply. Will you sing, she asks? Of course. And you’ll come back to the house afterward? Of course. It will be good to have

Terry GolwayNovember 15, 2004

Campaign 2004 is in its final frantic hours as these words are being written, but deadlines being what they arethe bane of the bellowing pontificatoryou’ll be reading this after the results are known. Then again, maybe not. Maybe you’re as clueless as I am as I write, although that would

George M. AndersonNovember 15, 2004

You are a 26-year-old mother of four and suddenly you find yourself behind bars mdash not for a few months but for a long 16 years as a first-time drug offender During those years your children grow up and the youngest angrily blurts out when you finally do return and attempt to resume your ro

Joseph A. O'HareNovember 15, 2004

This morning we confirm our commitment to this cause for which the Jesuits of Central American University in El Salvador gave their lives. They were not men of violence; they were men of peace and reason. Yet they died violently. Like the Servant of Yahweh, they did not cry out or shout out aloud or

The EditorsNovember 15, 2004

The re-election of President George W. Bush by more votes than he received in 2000 puts to rest questions about the legitimacy of his administration. This time he won not only the electoral college but also the popular vote, by more than three million votes. Most states went for the same party as th

Richard A. BlakeNovember 15, 2004

Two ladies of a certain age sitting behind me gasped during the opening sequence. The young hero Adam Markovski (Jason Schwartzman) first appears on screen walking toward the camera as his voice-over explains in spectacularly scabrous terms his bewilderment with the universe. Those of us who deal on