The National Catholic Review

November 8, 2004

Vol. 191 No. 14Whole No. 4669


Toward Visible Unity

Like yeast in dough, for 40 years ecumenism has been quietly leavening the life of the churches.


A Different Kind of Faithfulness
Laura Sheahen

What are we to make of a genius who states categorically that he believes in angels, the Fall, the Gospels and the spirit of God brooding over human historyyet whose faith eludes us even at his mos

Losing Oneself and Finding God
Leo J. ODonovan

I vividly remember first seeing Karl Rahner in 1964 at Georgetown University’s 175th anniversary celebration.

A Transparent Philosopher
William J. Hoye

Were he still alive to celebrate his 100th birthday this year, Josef Pieper would probably be surprised to see that today there is greater need than ever for some of his major insights.

Hidden Costs of War

My sister is leaving her husband. The last intact marriage of my dad’s six children is coming apart in the face of her husband’s bizarre symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder.

Books and Culture

State-ly Intrigue
Jose M. Sanchez
In light of the present worldwide prestige of the papacy, it comes as a shock to realize that less than a century and a quarter ago an an
America Needs Revival!
Daniel Levine
Cornel West’s Democracy Matters is a fervent, heartfelt and angry jeremiad about the current state of American society.
Beginning Again
Mary A. McCay
Cynthia Ozick is a storyteller with an acute sense of the world.
A Global Gospel of Freedom
Alan Wolfe
I do not often agree with Michael Novak, but the subtitle of his new book attracted me; anyone willing to show that Samuel Huntington’s d
If You Can Make It Here...
Cecilio Morales
Back when President Bill Clinton’s pledge to “end welfare as we know it” was known in White House corridors as “EWAWKI” (pronounced to rh

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