The National Catholic Review

November 1, 2004

Vol. 191 No. 13Whole No. 4668


Pledging Allegiance

Gregory Lee Johnson turned up in Dallas, Tex., for the Republican National Convention in 1984. To show his contempt for the policies of the Reagan administration, Mr. Johnson burned an American flag, while other demonstrators shouted approval. A Texas criminal court convicted Mr.


Halloween Magic
Lorraine V. Murray
The Man With a Ladder
Thomas R. Kopfensteiner
Can God Be a Bride?
Susan A. Ross
No to the Death Penalty
Dale S. Recinella
Watch for Angels
Robert P. Maloney

Books and Culture

The Cult of Ares
Peter Heinegg

The trouble with philosophers is that they think ideas are everything.

Liturgy Inculturated
James M. Schellman

In Dynamic Equivalence: The Living Language of Christian Worship, Father Keith Pecklers offers a fascinating narrative of the mid-

Columns and Departments

The Word
What Happens Next?

Dianne Bergant

Faith in Focus
A Good Priest and a Boy

Brian D. Scanlan


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