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September 27, 2004

Vol.191 / No.8
The Editors September 27, 2004

Tuberculosis is a disease of the poor that thrives in crowded, unsanitary settings. Although it is still found in the United States in prisons and homeless shelters, by the 1980’s it had largely disappeared from the general population in the industrialized countries of the North. But now it ha

John W. OMalley September 27, 2004

Denying communion to some politicians because of their voting records or policy decisions, as has been done recently by a few American bishops, has caught the attention of the nation. Withholding Communion is not the same thing as excommunication in the strict sense. Church practice has allowed even

Francis J. Butler September 27, 2004

Scott Stossel rsquo s uplifting biography of R Sargent Shriver deserves a prominent place on the reading lists of Catholic studies programs It is an inspiring and skillfully told story of a bright American hero whose public-minded outlook and optimism finds its source in his Catholic faith Stossel

George Weigel September 27, 2004

In 1960, millions of Catholics voted for John F. Kennedy for little reason other than that he was a Catholic. In 2004, millions of Catholics, myself included, will vote enthusiastically for George W. Bush because this Texas Methodist has a clearer understanding of, and a more serious commitment to,

The Word
Dianne Bergant September 27, 2004

We don rsquo t hear much about faith nowadays except faith in ourselves Ours is a culture of self-reliance and self-determination However if we are honest with ourselves we will have to admit that we are all burdened with a measure of self-doubt mdash not necessarily the unhealthy kind of self-

Faith in Focus
Daniel McCarthy September 27, 2004

I had been dreaming for some time of a winter wonderland, wrapping myself up in a warm blanket, reading a good book and admiring the snow outside the window, so I accepted the invitation of Brother Wolfgang to visit his abbey in Admont, Austria: the Benedictinerstift Admont. The impressive, fortress


Pope Urges Bishops: Collaborate in GovernanceIn the wake of the sexual abuse scandal, U.S. bishops should be open to a more collaborative style of governance that shares responsibility with lay Catholics, Pope John Paul II said.A consultative approach should not be seen as an abandonment of episcopa