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May 24, 2004

Vol.190 / No.18
The Word
Dianne Bergant May 24, 2004

Legend tells us that St Patrick used the three-leafed shamrock to teach about the three persons in one God It is an ingenious pedagogical device very neat and understandable But it does little to explain the mystery we call God While the readings for today do not really describe the divine esse

Doris Donnelly May 24, 2004

In our electronic, computerized, digital world, it was refreshing for me recently to discover once again the power of the printed word, specifically the words printed in a magazine like the one you are holding in your hands or are reading on America’s Web site.I teach at John Carroll, the Jesu


Judge Says Bishops Manipulated Review BoardThe head of the U.S. Catholic bishops’ National Review Board on sexual abuse by members of the Catholic clergy said on May 11 that a letter she wrote to the head of the bishops’ conference on March 29 prompted the U.S. bishops to decide they wil

Robert F. Walch May 24, 2004

A former Algerian army officer named Mohamed Moulessehoul writing under the pseudonym Yasmina Khadra paints a graphic picture of Afghanistan and Kabul under Taliban rule that is as troubling as it is unforgettable His evocative prose describes a once proud city brought to its knees by Islamic fund

Raymond A. Schroth May 24, 2004

The first step in teaching moral values to young journalists is to get them to feel pain—not their pain, the pain of others. From that, other virtues—compassion, skepticism, courage and the like—might follow. But virtue is getting harder to teach. Last spring two news stories force

Of Many Things
Drew Christiansen May 24, 2004

Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori. "It is a beautiful honor to die for one’s country.” In this famous line, the Roman poet Horace gave lasting expression to an ideal of republican virtue inherited from an age when citizen soldiers defended their homeland against its enemies. Even

Faith in Focus
Raymond D. Aumack May 24, 2004

The other evening, I was canvassing classmates for donations to the annual fund for the Jesuit high school I attended. A classmate I called said he would not make a contribution because he felt the Jesuits were too liberal. Whenever I hear something like that, I have a tendency to back off. We gradu