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April 12, 2004

Vol.190 / No.13
William A. BarryApril 12, 2004

Recently I received an e-mail from a Jesuit newly arrived in El Salvador to do some pastoral work He remarked on how his eyes had been opened by the reactions of ordinary Salvadorans to Gospel stories He wrote I rsquo m struck by how differently they hear the Scriptures as a result of having been

Gerald OCollinsApril 12, 2004

The paintings on the walls of the Brancacci Chapel in Florence show Masaccio (1401-28) at his artistic and spiritual best—not least in the way he links Adam and Eve with Christ. Driven from the Garden of Eden, our first parents are in despair. Weeping and weighed down with terrible pain and lo

Of Many Things
Drew ChristiansenApril 12, 2004

Pilgrimage has rarely been easy. Storms and shipwrecks, robbery and kidnaping, wars and illness were endured, not to mention the self-imposed disciplines: walking barefoot, fasting, begging for hospitality or passage. In his day, after enduring three and a half months of storm-tossed travel while re

Jens SoeringApril 12, 2004

Two thousand years ago, three young men—a revolutionary and two thieves—were executed by the governing civil authority of the Roman province of Palestine. One of those three condemned convicts turned out to be the Son of God, much to everyone’s embarrassment. Naturally, we would al

John F. KavanaughApril 12, 2004

No matter what one may think of Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ, one thing seems uncontested. It has caused quite a stir. Has any movie ever generated such debate, even among atheists, over the real meaning of Jesus’ life and ministry? Initially, the film was considered too much o

Our readersApril 12, 2004

Center of Our Lives

I am writing concerning Presiding at the Liturgy of the Eucharist, by Keith F. Pecklers, S.J. (3/15). I do not find an abundance of words in our reformed liturgy. I like to hear the work of human hands to recall my gift of life. I want to hear that the Spirit

Daniel J. HarringtonApril 12, 2004

The most dramatic event of the 21st century thus far has been the destruction of the twin towers at the World Trade Center for many the symbol of the capitalist Christian or post-Christian West in New York City on Sept 11 2001 This act was perpetrated by men who identified themselves as Muslim