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April 5, 2004

Vol.190 / No.12
John Jay Hughes April 05, 2004

Priests who like being priests are among the happiest men in the world This sentence in Fr Andrew Greeley rsquo s review of The First Five Years of Priesthood by Dean R Hoge lifted me out of my chair when I read it in these pages Am 9 30 02 I sent him an e-mail message You rsquo re right I

Martin Connell April 05, 2004

In anticipation of moving to Argentina, I asked people about access to the Internet. The response was the same: Computers are everywhere. Every city block in Buenos Aires has at least one locutorio, a place with public telephones and computers, and many of these have close to 100 computers. I live i

The Editors April 05, 2004

For nearly a generation, conventional wisdom held that high-tech would be the wave of the future. Job seekers were advised to train in electrical engineering, software design and information technology. Now, as the jobless economic recovery sputters on, there are cries of alarm that high-tech jobs a

Claudia Rodriguez April 05, 2004

"Never get married or start a journey on Tuesday the 13th, goes a popular Latin American saying. Ignoring this superstition, I returned to the United States after celebrating the 2004 New Year’s festivities in my beloved native land of El Salvador. I was a little anxious about the recentl

Marie Anne Mayeski April 05, 2004

Lawrence S Cunningham rsquo s small study of St Francis demonstrates the value of sound critical judgment and solid theology for grounding healthy devotion to the saints and deepening the faith in the Christian realities to which they dedicated themselves In A Modest Foreword Cunningham sets out

Eugene J. Fisher April 05, 2004

Bishops across the country have spoken publicly about the movie The Passion of the Christ, warning that whatever one thinks of the movie, Catholics should not leave the film believing that all Jews, then or now, are guilty of the death of Jesus. Catholics, say the bishops, also need to bear in mind

The Word
Dianne Bergant April 05, 2004

If we who profess faith in the resurrection of the body were to visit a grave and find it open and the body gone we would most likely assume that it had been taken It is no wonder that Mary of Magdala Peter and John drew the same conclusion when they arrived at Jesus rsquo tomb Dead bodies don