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March 29, 2004

Vol.190 / No.11
Our readersMarch 29, 2004

Much Sadder Sentence

My friend Sam almost died last week. That was the first sentence of my article Growing Old in Prison, published in America last Nov. 10. Today I must write a new, much sadder sentence: my friend Sam died yesterday afternoon.

Five days ago, during a

The EditorsMarch 29, 2004

The United Nations has reported that the number of chronically hungry people worldwide is increasing at the rate of five million annually. But even here in the United States, richest of all nations, hunger and food insecurity (limited access to nutritionally adequate foods) have been steadily rising

"In this world nothing is certain but death and taxes," Benjamin Franklin observed in 1789. On no day does this seem more true for most Americans than on April 15, the day they take part in the annual ritual of filing a tax return. Knowing that April is a time when taxes are much on the mi

Gerald T. CobbMarch 29, 2004

The front cover of Gabriel Garc a M rquez rsquo s Living to Tell the Tale shows the author as a wide-eyed child of 2 while the back cover shows the Nobel laureate as a distinguished gentleman of 75 The passage from one stage of life to the other will be the subject of a three-volume memoir and

Matthew J. BarrettMarch 29, 2004

Taxes and tax collectors have been around in one form or another for most of human history. Tax collectors appear in many of the Gospel stories, and the Evangelist Matthew was himself a tax man. Many American Catholics may not realize it, but their bishops are often tax collectors too, regularly lev

The Word
Dianne BergantMarch 29, 2004

For months now we have been inundated with pictures of a bloodied Jesus Without in any way dismissing the concerns raised by this media event it should be pointed out that the scriptural Passion texts do not concentrate on the details of Jesus rsquo suffering In fact there are only three brief


Keeler Prays With Victims at Day of AtonementIn a day designed to bring healing and promote understanding, Cardinal William H. Keeler of Baltimore prayed with the victims of clerical sexual abuse during a day of atonement on March 7, asking the survivors to forgive the church for the sins it had com