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March 8, 2004

Vol.190 / No.8
Raymond F. Hopkins March 08, 2004

This engaging and lively historical study weaves personal stories diplomatic correspondence and other accounts to depict the principal forces that shaped the founding of the United Nations While the author focuses on a conference held in San Francisco from April to July 1945 he effectively outlin

John F. Baldovin March 08, 2004

There is a saying, “Well begun is half done.” Liturgical celebrations are among the places where that saying is especially true. What follows is one presider’s and teacher’s reflection on the first half of the liturgy of the Mass, from before the entrance procession to the en

The Editors March 08, 2004

"Our immigration system is broken need of reform.” So said Bishop Thomas Wenski of Orlando, Fla., chairman of the U.S. Bishops’ Committee on Migration in a statement in early January—soon after President Bush issued his proposal on Jan. 7 about this controversial issu

Michael Bisesi March 08, 2004

With another presidential election looming on the horizon voter turnout will be a major public issue Political participation however is just one measure of civic engagement and social capital Other measures ranging from volunteering and religious leadership to civic leadership and trust betwee

Donald C. Maldari March 08, 2004

The news these days is grim. Injustices that cry to heaven abound, while people feel ever more frustrated at their extremely limited ability to do anything about them. Our actions to combat injustices seem futile as the carnage goes on. We are tempted to ask, “Where is our God?”In the mi

The Word
Dianne Bergant March 08, 2004

Those of us who were raised on any kind of catechism whether the pre-Vatican II Baltimore Catechism the Dutch catechism that was popular during the 1960 rsquo s and 70 rsquo s or today rsquo s Catechism of the Catholic Church were introduced to a list of characteristics or ldquo attributes rdquo

Our readers March 08, 2004

Alternatives to Abortion

Your editorial The Abortion Debate Today (2/16) offered some excellent insights. However, we suggest that there is an additional and very relevant consequence of a consistent ethic of life: Pro-life faith communities must be prepared to offer expectant