The National Catholic Review

March 1, 2004

Vol. 190 No. 7Whole No. 4642


Debates and Divisions

The manner in which Catholics participate in the debate about marriage is as important as its outcome.


Good Liturgy: The Assembly
Robert D. Duggan
Don't Kill My Killer
George M. Anderson
Religious Decline in Europe?
Andrew M. Greeley
An Imbalance of Power
Cesar Ferrari

Books and Culture

From Here to Serenity
Doris Donnelly

Paula Huston has much in common with Kathleen Norris and Henri Nouwen, two major stars in the constellation of contemporary writers on th

Mystic Madness
W. W. Meissner

Gerald G. May’s name will be familiar to many readers from his previous writings on spiritual matters.

United With Christ
Robert Durback

This carefully crafted selection of readings from 40 works by Henri Nouwen walks the reader through the seasons of the liturgical year.

Columns and Departments

The Word
You'll Never Believe What I Saw!

Dianne Bergant

Unsportsmanlike Conduct

Terry Golway

Mortal Flesh

Valerie Schultz

Of Many Things
Of Many Things

Joseph A. O'Hare


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