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March 1, 2004

Vol.190 / No.7
The EditorsMarch 01, 2004

The manner in which Catholics participate in the debate about marriage is as important as its outcome.

Valerie SchultzMarch 01, 2004

My mother went under the knife last summer, sacrificing her left breast to the unkind god of cancer. The uncontrolled dividing by abnormal cells, which raised a tightened, angry welt on her breast that her doctor had recommended watching for over a year, turned out to be an aggressive tumor. After t

Doris DonnellyMarch 01, 2004

Paula Huston has much in common with Kathleen Norris and Henri Nouwen two major stars in the constellation of contemporary writers on the spiritual journey That rsquo s good company for Huston and good news for us At least on the evidence of The Holy Way Practices for a Simple Life Huston appea

Robert D. DugganMarch 01, 2004

Introduction by James Martin, associate editor of America.

The Word
Dianne BergantMarch 01, 2004

If you witnessed a phenomenon in the heavens like those reported at Fatima or Lourdes or Medjugorje would you turn away in disbelief Even skeptics are often mesmerized by what they cannot explain We profess faith in the power of God and in the possibility of a manifestation of that power and yet

Cesar FerrariMarch 01, 2004

Last September, the ministerial meeting of the World Trade Organization in Cancún, Mexico, failed. The agreed-upon agenda was overpowered by topics that favored the United States, Europe and Japan. The issues of state procurements, foreign investment, intellectual property and competition were give


4,450 Priests Accused of Abusing 11,000 ChildrenCNN reported on Feb. 16 that, according to a draft report it had obtained about sexual abuse of minors by U.S. Catholic priests and deacons, roughly 4,450 members of the clergy have been accused of abusing a total of 11,000 minors between 1950 and 2002