The National Catholic Review

February 23, 2004

Vol. 190 No. 6Whole No. 4641


Numbers Count

In the contest for the dullest book published by the federal government, the annual budget would appear in almost everyone’s top 10 list.


The Bush Doctrine: A Catholic Critique
Phillip Berryman

The United States today is indisputably the most powerful nation in the world militarily, economically and culturally. Since the terrorist attacks of Sept.

United in Happiness
James Martin, SJ

It always disappoints me a bit when the celebrant at Mass chooses Eucharistic Prayer 1 (the Roman Canon) and skips the invocation of the saints, that resonant list of early martyrs recited before a

The Real Agenda
Robert M. Rowden

St. John Chrysostom once warned: Whoever is not angry when there is cause for anger sins. The 25 Catholics who gathered in the basement of St.

Palestinian Braveheart
Lloyd Baugh

When Mel Gibson’s film “The Passion of the Christ” is released on Ash Wednesday, it will bring the 106-year tradition of the Jesus-film full circle.

Books and Culture

Ten Times Over
Gerald T. Cobb
If war is hell, a literary corollary might be that every society touched by warfare needs its own version of Virgil or Dante to journey t
Dysfunktionelles Deutschland
Peter Heinegg
George Santayana should have warned us: those who can remember the past, but do so obsessively, are just as condemned to repeat it as tho
God's Kingdom Is A-Changing
Michael J. Lacey
Randy Newman has a tune called God’s Song (That’s Why I Love Mankind) that can send a shiver down the spine of all believers, even those

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The Word
Salvation Is a Gift
Dianne Bergant
Faith in Focus
A Gate Opened, and It Was Golden
Adele Azar-Rucquoi
Thanking God for Ordinary Time
Lorraine V. Murray
Of Many Things
Of Many Things
Thomas J. Reese
What I Pray For
Dennis O'Donnell
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