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February 23, 2004

Vol.190 / No.6
The Word
Dianne BergantFebruary 23, 2004

Strange as it may seem it is very difficult for many of us to accept gifts When we do receive them we feel compelled to reciprocate in kind We often believe that we must earn what we get Perhaps we do not want to be beholden to others or we are convinced that we do not deserve any such gift O

Lloyd BaughFebruary 23, 2004

When Mel Gibson’s film “The Passion of the Christ” is released on Ash Wednesday, it will bring the 106-year tradition of the Jesus-film full circle. The very first films about Jesus, silent films lasting only a few minutes, were Passion plays. Since then, the genre has ranged widel


Boston’s Archbishop Troubled by Ruling on Gay Marriage Archbishop Sean P. O’Malley of Boston said the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court’s expanded ruling on gay marriage is more troubling than its initial decision. The court’s decision on Nov. 18 struck down the state&rsqu

Our readersFebruary 23, 2004

Long Trail

Your editorial in the Jan. 19 issue, like your other editorials, is biased and not balanced. The Kyoto Protocols did not require multinational controls on pollution. Only the United States was required to submit to tighter environmental guidelines. China, one of the

Peter HeineggFebruary 23, 2004

George Santayana should have warned us those who can remember the past but do so obsessively are just as condemned to repeat it as those who forget The 1999 Nobel laureate G nter Grass has been prophetically attacking and mourning the horrors of 20th-century German history since the publication

Lawrence S. CunninghamFebruary 23, 2004

It always disappoints me a bit when the celebrant at Mass chooses Eucharistic Prayer 1 (the Roman Canon) and skips the invocation of the saints, that resonant list of early martyrs recited before and after the institution narrative. The omission is all the more disappointing since one of those lists

Of Many Things
Thomas J. ReeseFebruary 23, 2004

Every organization has people who work behind the scenes out of the limelight, to make sure that everything gets done that needs to be done. They do not get the headlines, but no organization can survive without them. America had such a person for 40 years as our business manager and controller. Jam