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February 9, 2004

Vol.190 / No.4

Canon Lawyers Say Due Process Limited for Accused Priests

As U.S. dioceses work through the cases of clerics accused of sex abuse of minors, several canon lawyers who are defending accused priests have complained that the procedures limit due process for their clients.

Cyprian Davis February 09, 2004

Pierre Toussaint was born a slave in Haiti on the B rard plantation known as L rsquo Artibonite According to the most recent chronology the year was 1781 The young Toussaint was spared the grueling toil of work on the fields His labor was in the household where he learned to read and write Fr

David Hollenbach February 09, 2004

You will not find Kakuma on most world maps. It is a small town in northwestern Kenya, located in the desert where anthropologists hypothesize the human race began. Twelve years ago, the Kenyan government picked the area for use as a refugee camp. Today Kakuma has 80,000 refugees.The largest group a

Of Many Things
George M. Anderson February 09, 2004

Yoko Ono, John Lennon’s widow—a tiny figure in tight jeans and a short, snug-fitting jacket—was talking about her art. She stood out in marked contrast to her surroundings, the cavernous 19th-century Great Hall of the Cooper Union in Lower Manhattan, where Abraham Lincoln once spok

Richard A. Blake February 09, 2004

Cold Mountain adds significance to its shopworn narrative with several brilliant scenes that have only marginal relationship to the story line. That is not an altogether damning comment. Jean Renoir, the great French director, once expressed his admiration for American Westerns: “They’re

Ellen Rufft February 09, 2004

A friend wrote a beautiful song a few years ago with the refrain, “Time, like gold, is hard to find, is hard to hard to hold.” The melody of that song has been playing in my mind frequently these days, perhaps because the words express so poignantly my beliefs about time and th

Katarina M. Schuth February 09, 2004

With clarity and candor Dean Hoge a professor in the department of sociology at The Catholic University of America in Washington D C and Jacqueline Wenger a graduate student and licensed clinical social worker communicate and interpret extensive data about generational changes in the priesth