The National Catholic Review

December 22, 2003

Vol. 189 No. 21Whole No. 4635


Christmas 2003

As we retell the Bethlehem story each year, its familiarity can obscure one of its most important lessons.


Grass-Roots Christian Peacebuilders
Thomas Bamat

The wars that have most deeply scarred recent history have not been wars between national states.

Has the Vatican Changed Its Position on Iraq?
John Thavis

During the countdown early this year to the war in Iraq, Pope John Paul II and his Vatican aides wasted no opportunity to broadcast their opposition to a U.S.-led invasion.

Time and Transcendence
John F. Kavanaugh

Although more than 25 years have passed, the joy I felt at Christmas in Calcutta remains more vivid than any other memory of this season.

Books and Culture

Unbounded Creativity
Joseph J. Feeney
“Albion” is a magic, a mythic word. It is the primal name of England itself, and also of its whole island.
A Precarious Little Way
Janice Farnham
Along with Francis of Assisi, Thérèse of Lisieux ranks among the most venerated and popular Catholic saints and commands an impressive fo
A Clash of Ideas and Beliefs
Daniel J. Harrington
What was going on in the Christian movement between the writing of the New Testament books and the Council of Nicea in A.D. 325?

Columns and Departments

The Word
What Child Is This?
Dianne Bergant
The Word
You Light Up My Life!
Dianne Bergant
Faith in Focus
Holy Families
James Martin, SJ
Faith in Focus
The Salvation of Particulars
Sherryl White
Of Many Things
Of Many Things
George M. Anderson
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