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December 1, 2003

Vol.189 / No.18
Richard M. GulaDecember 01, 2003

Ever since John Gallagher rsquo s work Time Past Time Future 1990 chronicled the disintegration of the manualist genre in moral theology we have needed a serious study that would examine the method content style and purpose of the post-manualist conciliar-inspired fundamental moral theology

James D. DavidsonDecember 01, 2003

During the last couple of years, more than one American bishop has said that the clergy shortage is not unique to the Catholic Church. A recent expression of this view is found in Bishop Wilton Gregory’s letter of Aug. 29, 2003, to Archbishop Timothy Dolan of Milwaukee, in which he states: A n

Of Many Things
Joseph A. O'HareDecember 01, 2003

Those of us of a certain generation remember vividly where we were when we first heard that the president, John F. Kennedy, had been shot. We did not understand what we had heard at first, but after we found a radio, we listened to Walter Cronkite telling us that our president was dead, slain by an

Faith in Focus
George M. AndersonDecember 01, 2003

Walking from the bus station to Viva House, the home of the Baltimore Catholic Worker, I passed block after block of boarded-up homes. I was coming to celebrate Viva House’s 35th anniversary and to visit its co-founders, Willa Bickham and her husband, Brendan Walsh, whom I knew even before I j

Thomas J. McCarthyDecember 01, 2003

With the 2004 presidential election looming, I find myself recalling George W. Bush’s mantra four years ago, when he was a candidate, about bringing honor and dignity back to the oval office. Whenever he lost his way in public speech, he would lurch back to his narrowly circumscribed comfort zone,

Our readersDecember 01, 2003

The Housing Challenge

Your editorial Low-Income Housing Crisis (11/10), uncritically accepts the conclusions of a housing advocacy group, responding to a supposed crisis, that are based entirely on arbitrary standards. They state that minimum acceptable housing is a modest two-

The Word
Dianne BergantDecember 01, 2003

In some parts of the country it seems there are only two seasons winter and road construction The excitement of a trip is often tempered by detours and single-lane traffic Major sports events political conventions or an upcoming visit by dignitaries also prompt the repair of our roads though