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October 27, 2003

Vol.189 / No.13
The Word
Dianne Bergant October 27, 2003

Where do we go when we die This is not a frivolous question It has puzzled people of all cultures from the beginning of time and it continues to puzzle many today This question in no way suggests a lack of faith Rather it underscores some of the mystery surrounding death nbsp In the past th

Our readers October 27, 2003

Right Here

One of my duties as a newly ordained religious priest working in another diocese was that of offering the Eucharist and hearing confessions every Saturday morning in a state-run institution for about 1,300 troublesome girls, age 13 to about 25. I was reminded of those


Pope Launches Anniversary CelebrationsBuoyed by the cheers of pilgrims and serenaded by Polish choirs, a frail Pope John Paul II kicked off 25th-anniversary celebrations with a reflection on prayer and divine grace. Addressing some 20,000 people in St. Peter’s Square on Oct. 15, the pope spoke

Bruce Nelson October 27, 2003

What makes a life story worth retelling beyond the sympathetic confines of family and friends Is it who we are who we know what we stand for or where we have been Or perhaps all of the above John Cort rsquo s recently published memoir encompasses all of the above but he chooses to organize his

Tom Vander Ark October 27, 2003

I married my high school sweetheart. When we started dating, this was not a popular thing to do; we attended cross-town rivals, Denver Christian and Denver Lutheran. The Metro League also included two urban Catholic schools, Machebeuf and Holy Family (who ruined a perfect season for us in the state

Of Many Things
George M. Anderson October 27, 2003

St. Patrick’s Cathedral—no, not the famous one on Fifth Avenue in New York City, but the original one of the same name in lower Manhattan—is not far from where I live, and from time to time I stop by to enjoy its soaring space and historical associations with the Jesuit order. Offi

John F. Kavanaugh October 27, 2003

I recently made my yearly pilgrimage to Abercrombie & Fitch. Actually, it’s only a three-year old tradition, prompted by a Time magazine article from February 2000 that gave an account of that company’s phenomenal success. Its sales had increased from $165 million to over a billion d