The National Catholic Review

October 13, 2003

Vol. 189 No. 11Whole No. 4625


Rape as a War Crime

Ethnic and regional wars, especially over the past two decades in Africa and the Balkans, have brought with them death and destruction on a massive scale. But these same destructive forces have also taken the form of widespread sexual violence as a deliberate strategy.


Blessed Is She
Patricia A. Kossmann
John Renard

Books and Culture

Source of Salvation
Denise Lardner Carmody
If you are looking for a concise and clear introduction to Christology, look no further.
Literary Road Map
Tom O
If she’s not careful, Susan Wise Bauer will wind up a guru on PBS.
A Bridge Crossed
Richard J. Hauser
The Inner Experience is a significant addition to Thomas Merton’s (1915-68) books in print.
150 Reasons to Reform
Terry Golway
Is there a high school student in the United States who does not know the story of the Triangle Shirtwaist Company fire?
Through an Urban Lens
Richard A. Blake
Woody Allen has never been in the Spielberg or Lucas class of popularity with American audiences, yet the critical literature surrounding
God and the New Fall Shows
James Martin, SJ
This year the question of which new fall shows to review proves unusually easy.

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The Word
The Point of Suffering
Dianne Bergant
Of Many Things
Of Many Things
George M. Anderson
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