The National Catholic Review

July 7, 2003

Vol. 189 No. 1Whole No. 4615


Noble Lies?

Generations of college freshmen have puzzled over the ancient notion of the “noble lie.” “If anyone at all is to have the privilege of lying,” Socrates suggests in Plato’s Republic, “the r


The Future of Sexual Abuse Litigation
Patrick J. Schiltz

Since early 2002, the legal world has become much more dangerous for the church than it was previously. The future looks bleak because of three major developments in the sexual abuse crisis.

Is Anybody Listening?
Donald J. Moore

After some three years living at the Pontifical Biblical Institute in Jerusalem and many conversations with Israelis and Palestinians, I find it difficult to avoid a pessimistic response to their q

Correction, Si; Defection, No
Anthony M. Stevens-Arroyo

It scarcely needs repeating that the future of Catholicism in the United States will be shaped by Hispanics, who at 34 million are already the most numerous minority in the country and constitute a

Just Policing, Not War
Gerald W. Schlabach

Virtually every Christian tradition is trying to have it both ways on war. Twenty years ago the U.S.

Graduation Excitation
John F. Kavanaugh

The first time I fully realized the moral stakes at a commencement was over 10 years ago. For a brief moment I was to share the stage with none other than George Bush the Elder.

Books and Culture

School of the Holy Ghost
Brennan O
In the winter of 1951-52, Caroline Gordon had a vision of the triumph of Catholic writing in the United States.
Faith Matters
Robert F. Drinan
The title of this collection of 11 essays offers the hope that some consensus has developed on the way religion should coordinate with go
Getting Past Orthodox Doctrine
Pheme Perkins
There are Ph.D. dissertations yet to be written on religion according to Bill Moyers and the liberal intellectuals of Public Television.
All of the Above
Richard A. Blake
God is a multiple choice quiz. Which God will we choose?

Columns and Departments

The Word
To Whom Should We Turn?
Dianne Bergant
The Word
Who? Me?
Dianne Bergant
Of Many Things
Of Many Things
George M. Anderson
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