The National Catholic Review

June 23, 2003

Vol. 188 No. 20Whole No. 4614


Joshua and the Walls of Washington

May a state government run a lottery with the proviso that the winner may not donate the prize to any institution that trains students to become ministers of religion? This question is not yet before the U.S. Supreme Court.


Undermining Antiterrorism
Donald Kerwin

When National Security and Immigration Policy Collide

Ministering to People With AIDS
George M. Anderson
The Soldiers Came Asking
Michael Griffin

Books and Culture

For All in Need
George M. Anderson

More and more regional and intrastate conflicts throughout the world have led to huge increases in the numbers of refugees and internally

God's Globetrotter
Vincent T. OKeefe

Pope John Paul II will celebrate the 25th anniversary of his election to the Chair of Peter on Oct. 16, 2003.

Subjugating Sarah
Kathleen Feeley

Valerie Martin’s new novel is aptly titled. The power of property—persons and things—drives the plot and illuminates the characters.

Art as Mission
Leo J. ODonovan

You can see a wonderful golden tabernacle and monstrance by Egino Weinert in the Gaukirche of Paderborn in Germany.

Columns and Departments

The Word
The Church's [Real] Foundation

Dianne Bergant

The Word
Who Does He Think He Is?

Dianne Bergant

Faith in Focus
Sacred Heart Spirituality

Rosemary Feerick

Building a Bridge With Kind Words

Terry Golway

Of Many Things
Of Many Things

James Martin, SJ


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