The National Catholic Review

May 19, 2003

Vol. 188 No. 17Whole No. 4611


Welfare's Unfair Work Requirement

Heavier burdens are in store for single mothers who currently receive Temporary Aid to Needy Families—if the administration and the House of Representatives have their way in the re-authorization of the 1996 welfare reform law. The re-authorization was to have taken place before last Oct.

Books and Culture

Tested to His Limit
Ed Block

A quaintly phrased prologue seeks a “most gracious and deliberate” reader’s trust.

A Sacerdotal Bildungsroman
Peter Heinegg

The great bulk of Thomas Keneally’s 30-some books have been fiction, but he’s at his best when dealing with facts, as in his splendid nov

A Voice for the Voiceless
Doris Donnelly

Not very long ago, the only people who knew about Megan McKenna were those who heard her lecture in college courses or who were present a

John Adams's Oratorio El Nio
James S. Torrens

“El Niño,” the winter child that blows up a storm, is also the name of an oratorio by the modern composer John Adams.

Columns and Departments

The Word
What's Love Got to Do With It?

Dianne Bergant

The Word
Just Where Did Jesus Go?

Dianne Bergant

Faith in Focus
The Sign of the Cross

Robert P. Maloney

Of Many Things
Of Many Things

George M. Anderson

Spring Tonic

Dorothy Ryan


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