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May 12, 2003

Vol.188 / No.16
The Word
Dianne Bergant May 12, 2003

The tragedy of Philip Nolan the subject of The Man Without a Country was not merely that he was forbidden ever again to set foot on U S soil or even to hear spoken the name of his country of origin It was his fate chosen by the man himself in a moment of anger to belong no longer to any nation

Robert J. Daly May 12, 2003

Have you found out what sacrifice is?” asked the pastor when the religious education instructor had herded her charges back into the front pews. “Yes,” she answered triumphantly, “sacrifice means giving up what you love.” I groaned in frustration, but the pastor clucked

Our readers May 12, 2003

Right Intention

George Weigel in The Just War Case for the War (3/31), argues that the war against Iraq is justifiable in light of traditional just war thinking. While I find his reflections on the criteria of just cause, legitimate authority, proportionality and last resort both

Michael Bisesi May 12, 2003

The tax code according to a former I R S commissioner embodies all the essence of life greed politics power goodness charity Everything rsquo s in there With the estate tax everything is magnified dramatically In Wealth and Our Commonwealth William H Gates Sr and Chuck Collins make a f

Faith in Focus
Mary Sherry May 12, 2003

My two friends have been searching for a long time. They need a place to worship. He was brought up in a rigid Baptist tradition; she was brought up in a rigid Catholic tradition. I am not reporting on their search, because, after all, it is theirs. While I can identify with their search in many way


Eucharist Greatest Gift Christ Gave Church, Says EncyclicalThe Eucharist is the greatest gift Christ left his church, a gift that makes the sacrifice of his life present for all time and gives strength and hope to the world, Pope John Paul II wrote in a new encyclical letter. The pope said he issued

Faith Features
Willard F. Jabusch May 12, 2003

By now it is clear to anyone interested in the Catholic Church that there are no longer enough priests to celebrate Mass in many parishes.