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April 21, 2003

Vol.188 / No.14
Tom Deignan April 21, 2003

During an interview several years ago Edna O rsquo Brien told me a story about an appearance of hers in the 1960 rsquo s on an Irish television program during which the host said to the studio audience Hands up all of you who think Edna O rsquo Brien has shamed her country Most hands of course

Our readers April 21, 2003

More Inclusive

Since Cardinal Avery Dulles mentioned me in his article Vatican II: Substantive Teaching (3/31), I would like to make it clear that I also understand the Second Vatican Council to mean that it is only in the Catholic Church that the church of Christ continues to

Sandra Dugruid April 21, 2003

There have been crucifixions, too,

The Word
Dianne Bergant April 21, 2003

We have seen the Lord 8221 Who has not longed to hear those words Or who has not longed for the experience that gave birth to the words Most of us are like Thomas in today 8217 s Gospel 8212 not that we are doubters but that our faith is based on the words of others Someone else has the exp

William Bole April 21, 2003

A few years ago, a gutsy doctor named Susan Black strode into the merciless mess of Kosovo. She went there as a volunteer expert to help expand medical services in refugee camps, assisted by her trusty translator, Faza, an ethnic Albanian. After traveling with Faza for six weeks, 12 hours a day, she

Gerald O'Collins April 21, 2003

As Easter comes round again, many wonder how to understand the resurrection of Jesus Christ and its message for us. His empty tomb can make believers hesitant and even mildly embarrassed. Are they being innocently orthodox or even naïvely realistic in accepting that several women found the tomb of

Janice Farnham April 21, 2003

In the cold December half-light where I sat with my first cup of coffee, it caught my eye. I was intent on praying myself into a good attitude for a weekend of meetings, and saw outside my window one of many astounding ironies in midtown Manhattan. There, in the middle of a postage-stamp size conven