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March 3, 2003

Vol.188 / No.7
Carol K. CoburnMarch 03, 2003

After completing a story on the Catholic nuns rsquo pension fund in 1986 and being intrigued by the lives and contributions of American Catholic sisters John J Fialka began work on the book Sisters Catholic Nuns and the Making of America Fialka a reporter for The Wall Street Journal rsquo s W

M. Cathleen KavenyMarch 03, 2003

The Catholic Medical Association has urged U.S. bishops to screen out undesirable candidates for the priesthood, among whom they include homosexuals. According to the C.M.A., if a boy could not play sports because he was overweight or lacked hand-eye coordination, he may be in trouble. The letter su

Our readersMarch 03, 2003


The Rev. Andrew M. Greeley’s conclusion that The New York Times’s coverage of the sexual abuse scandal in the church constitutes virulent anti-Catholicism is irresponsible (The Times and Sexual Abuse by Priests 2/10). The Times, like most major newspapers that

The EditorsMarch 03, 2003

The welcome surprise in President Bush’s State of the Union address was his proposal for an Emergency Plan for Aids Relief. The president described the initiative as “a work of mercy beyond all current international efforts to help the people of Africa.” He asked the Congress to co

Emilie GriffinMarch 03, 2003

Brennan Manning describes himself as a vagabond evangelist Author of 11 books he leads spiritual retreats in the United States and Europe His life story reads like a catalog of been there done that A former Franciscan a former Roman Catholic priest a formerly married man a recovering alcohol

Of Many Things
George M. AndersonMarch 03, 2003

Fresh flowers, lighted candles, live music—can this be the soup kitchen that just hours earlier had fed 400? Yes, a humble church social hall in Lower Manhattan had been transformed to a scene of celebration. The celebration in early December marked the 20th anniversary of a group named the Un

Ann WroeMarch 03, 2003

I have never felt the attachment I should to the daily prayers of the church. Their depth and meaning have rubbed off with repetition, to the point where I am stirred by them only when I say them in a foreign language. Words are tricky that way. It is very different with my favorite ritual, which is